Estonia, the hidden jewel of Europe is a tiny little country on the north-eastern corner of the continent. Pretty much untouched by the crowds of tourist, Estonia, we believe, has a lot to offer. Be it the beautiful, medieval-looking cities such as Tallinn or the pristine nature and lush forests of Lahemaa. Through our week-long … More 30U30 | ESTONIA

30U30 | SPAIN

Spain… the paradise with unlimited sun, blue beaches, natural beauty, excellent food and amazing people! We have been to Spain quite a few times… but never really have we ever captured the beauty of the land in its best. Do not get me wrong, it is not because of the place or the time, but … More 30U30 | SPAIN


SWITZERLAND! The favorite shooting destination of Bollywood movies! For us, Switzerland symbolizes the perfect balance between urban development and nature. We wish that we, as Indians would learn to attain that balance from Switzerland, rather than only idealizing it as the perfect honeymoon destination!


Iceland is one of the best destinations we have been to!! We were there for a week only, and since then we cannot wait to go back there. Iceland is the paradise for landscape lovers. With the beautiful waterfalls, amazing sunsets (we were there in summer) and of course the colorful mountains, Iceland is the … More 30U30 | ICELAND

30U30 | ITALY

We start our Photo Blog of Italy with a structure that stands as the greatest symbol of Rome and Italy – the Colosseum! Although so very popular, the structure was actually the site of death, destruction and cruelty. This 2000 year old amphitheater, that could hold an audience size of 80,000, regularly held gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, executions and re-enactments of famous battles. … More 30U30 | ITALY